Marine Farming Association's Recent Entry Award

We are delighted to congratulate Peta-Claire Brunel who won the Recent Entrant Award, at the Marine Farming Association conference held in Blenheim on Friday 25 July.

In announcing the Award it was said that “This award is acknowledgement of her hard work and is awarded to an individual who during the first few years of involvement in our industry has shown exceptional passion, commitment and achievement.

Peta  has been working in her chosen field since 2012. From a standing start, she has developed a significant knowledge of the marine farming industry.  She has proved herself dedicated to the industry and strives to achieve results for it.  She brings intelligence, clear and strategic thinking and tremendous work ethic to her role.

Upon moving to Marlborough, she was thrust into preparation for the NZKS board of inquiry hearing and since that time has worked on resource management and law reform work for the industry. 

The thing that impressed our judging panel the most was how quickly our winner developed such a profound knowledge of and empathy for our industry”

Gascoigne Wicks can only reiterate what was said, and pass on our congratulations to Peta, who is taking a well-deserved break from work and currently in Turkey.