Everyone needs a will, regardless of age

  • Leave instructions for your funeral arrangements
  • Appoint an executor and trustee to ensure your wishes are carried out
  • Gift special items such as family heirlooms to family and friends
  • Name the main beneficiaries
  • Arrange to leave special bequests to those who may not be main beneficiaries
  • Stipulate management of your affairs after your death
  • Stipulate who you would like to be guardians of your children on your death
  • Make provision for a charity you wish to support

How Current Is Your Will?

Your will needs to be revised when you have changes in your circumstances, such as:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Birth or death of children
  • Change of financial circumstances
  • Buying a house/property
  • Entering a rest home

Our qualified staff will ensure that your will complies with all current legislation in respect of the distribution of your estate. Use wills guide.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Should you reach an age where you are no longer able to make decisions, have you considered who should make them on your behalf? In some circumstances, we recommend setting up an Enduring Power of Attorney at the same time as you revise your Will.

There are two types of Enduring Powers of Attorney - one relating to your personal care and welfare, and one relating to your property. You can choose different people for each type of Power of Attorney.

To find out more, please ask your lawyer at the time you are considering your new will.

Family Trust

One of the few certainties in life is change. Although change can be exciting, it can also create significant financial risks for you and your family. Establishing a family trust can help to protect you and your loved ones from these financial risks.

As individual circumstances differ we can ensure the trust arrangements you put in place are tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of you and your family. We can also review any existing trust arrangements to see that they still meet your needs and those of your family.