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Direct Contact Info

PGG Wrightson's,
98 Beach Road

T: +64 3 319 5012


Appointments should be made by Thursday lunchtime with PGG Wrightson.

Lawyers in Kaikoura

Gascoigne Wicks has an office in Kaikoura, at PGG Wrightson.

The office is staffed on Fridays by one of our commercial/conveyancing lawyers, Scott Wight, Rob Andersen, Tom Dobbs and Gillian Canham.

Clients can ring PGG Wrightson in Kaikoura,  03 319 5012, to make an appointment.  Please note, appointments must be made by 2pm on Thursdays.  Should no appointments be booked, a lawyer will not make the trip that week.

If you usually deal with another lawyer within Gascoigne Wicks and prefer they do your legal work you can give instructions to whoever is in Kaikoura on the day, and the work will be passed on to your usual solicitor.

Documentation which has been prepared for clients is also often taken down to Kaikoura by whoever is rostered on that day, for signature. This saves clients having to travel to Blenheim.

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