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Teams 1946 - 1978

Team 1946

Gascoigne Wicks in about 1946

Operating as sole partners in their respective firms, Allan Gascoigne and Arthur Wicks amalgamated their practices and staff in 1945. The firm operated from Smith & Gascoigne’s office at 19 Lower High Street, opposite Farmers. From left. Allan Gascoigne, Arthur Wicks, Jane Allen, Marjorie Maybank, unknown, Gwen Rodgerson, Betty Verry, Jack Calcraft, Skip Mills.

Team 1961

Gascoigne Wicks Walton & Rout in about March 1961

Back row from left. Bruce Hadfield, Skip Mills, Sam McKay, Dick Rout, John Walton, Arthur Wicks, Allan Gascoigne. Front row. Pat Newman, Lynette Roberts, Margaret Black, Florence Wicks, Annette Collett, Val Blennerhassett, Alison Mills. Photo by Brian Paul.

Team 1969

Gascoigne Wicks Walton & Rout in about March 1969

Back row from left. Skip Mills, Robin Barnes, Alec Woodhead, Bruce Hadfield. Middle row. Marilyn Knight, Jan McDonald, Margaret McRae, Val Jackson, Lyn Saul, Shirley Jeffs, Anne Boese, Val Blennerhassett. Front row. Allan Gascoigne, Annette Collett, Dick Rout, John Walton, Tony Willy, Phyllis Collins, Arthur Wicks Photo by Brian Paul

Team 1978

Gascoigne Wicks & Co in about March 1978

Back row from left. Brian McGrath, Geoff Malthus, Alison Hodson, Anne Green, Pauline Williamson, Margaret McRae, Trisha Carmody, Janice Dyer, Barbara Sandilands, Archie Welsh Middle Row: Peter Warburton, Jan Smith, Glenda Patchett, Karen Gebbie, Mary-Jane Gardiner, Sonya Hill, Joan Bottom, Alan Naysmith Front Row: Charles Riley, Robin Barnes, Ron Crosby, Dick Rout, John Walton, Don Holden, Tony Hill, Dick Wilkes

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This Gascoigne Wick history was researched and written by art historian and consultant curator Jane Vial,