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Working with us

We aim to build close working relationships, based on trust and integrity, with all of our clients.

We are committed to providing the best and most comprehensive legal service at a competitive rate and we recognise that it is in the interests of Gascoigne Wicks and our clients that work is completed at the appropriate level of seniority and cost.

We are happy to discuss a fixed fee for any routine work and to provide an estimate of costs before starting work. We maintain in-house guidelines for standard and routine transactions.

All legal staff have desktop access to continually updated electronic databases, including New Zealand legislative databases, environmental and local government materials and decisions, and other subject based commentary and case law databases.

Additionally, all documents held on behalf of clients, have been scanned and are available electronically from all office computers, including those in our modern interview rooms.  This functionality has the dual purpose of being able to access your documents quickly during telephone calls or appointments, as well as ensuring we can recreate your records should Marlborough suffer a catostrophe along the lines of the Canterbury earthquakes.